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May 07, 2013



Well, maybe Brit should do a story on why tourism is important ... since it's National Tourism Week ... and why a CVB is important to a community. Photoshop? Really? I like the slogan, the message is pretty clear and the Uncola has thrived for decades using the same concept.

Tim Morrissey

"TV Journalism" in 2013.

Bill Geist

I like the new tagline, as well. Sure beats most of the same old same ole.


This is typical of media stories these days, unfortunately. Because I work with media, I pay attention to how they put stories together, and it seems standard these days to have a sensational headline to draw people in, create drama in the story, then basically wait until the last line to pull a Rosanne Rosanadana - "Nevermind."

Bill Geist

Which is why it is no longer "news" and they are no longer "journalists." It's entertainment...and they are short story writers.

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