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March 14, 2016


Tim Morrissey

Since you've known me for so many years, you know my body type. For those reading this who are not of my acquaintance, I am 67 years of age, 6 feet 3 inches tall, and I weigh 388 pounds. I'm a big dude and always have been. Yet I have never, not once, been fat-shamed by any airline, which continues to amaze me. I've never had to purchase an additional seat, although I certainly do not "fit" in any economy-class seat on any airline (save for the wonderful old and long defunct Kimberly-Clark airline, Midwest Airlines/Midwest Express, where ALL seats were "first-class size"). I used to fly Midwest every time possible, simply because even though it might have cost a bit more, it was comfortable for a big ox like me.

I have flown hundreds of thousands, probably well over a million miles in my day. Today, my flying is 100% personal,and my wife and I book seats next to each other. She's used to my arm infringing on her personal space. The seat belt comes just short of encircling my girth, so I must always ask for a seat belt extender, and not once in any of my experiences on a dozen airlines has a cabin attendant thrown shade at me for requesting the extender. Universally, they take an extender from their hiding place somewhere in the front of the airplane and deliver it to me discretely and without comment.

Hence, I've never had to go through the horrible pre-flight woes so aptly described in the article you linked. Thank heaven.

Bill Geist

Thank heaven, indeed, my friend. Though I admit to a degree of surprise that you've never endured such challenges.

Maybe it's because no one dared challenge a stud of your size ;)

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