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April 06, 2016


Joseph Marinelli

Simply said, amen brother.


Excellent post! When we dropped our DMAI membership 7 years ago I received an email asking why. I told them I just didn't feel like the Association was relevant to a rural leisure destination and the Annual Convention breakouts had become an hour long commercial for the Convention sponsors. Several of my colleagues expressed the same disappointment with the Convention breakouts. I never heard a word again from anyone at DMAI. We rejoined a few years later but communication with the membership is abysmal. Bravo for the new CEO. Its time for a new corporate culture at DMAI.

Gary Sherwin

Bravo Bill! As the incoming chair of DMAI, I can tell you that you captured our thoughts on the board very accurately. This association was not member centric and the reason Don Welsh was brought aboard was to correct that. We heard from many members, both large and small destinations, that said DMAI's value proposition was increasingly questionable. DMAI has many wonderful programs such as CDME certification, accreditation, economic impact calculator and most recently Destination Next. But the membership felt that staff wasn't on their side or that staff disregarded and ignored them. Those days are now over. Don is ushering in a new day where the organization listens to the people who financially support it and depend on it for doing things out they can't do on their own. Thanks for accurately capturing the intent of the staff changes which were indeed uncomfortable but necessary. A lot of thought by the board and Don went into Monday's actions. You are right. Buckle your seat belts and see what's next.

Bill Geist

Buckled and ready to assist wherever you need us.

Donna Carpenter


Larry F

Good read and perspective! Thanks for chiming in here Bill.

Diann Bayes

Don's advocacy efforts in Chicago were impressive when I saw it presented at DMAI in Austin. Having worked in membership for a number of years now, it is imperative for associations to make the effort to check on their visitors, whether through email, phone calls, or in person, in order to retain them. Best of luck to Don as he leads DMAI.

Tony Lorenz

Don Welsh is and will always be a great leader. I am looking forward to finding a way to get close to the value he will inevitably create for the industry DMAI serves.

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