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October 04, 2016



OMG. What a hot mess is right. By-Laws are established to handle such issues. Not sure who the person was that said "we've never followed the by laws in ten years" but that screams of mismanagement. I wonder if they had an audit in the same time. As to the 50% on admin: There is no clear standard in the non-profit world is there? But without staff, there is no office. Since CVB's don't sell a product, their product is their staff. As for us here: glad we have commissioners and board members that 'get it' and are part of the planning process as well as the decision making process.

Donna Bailey-Taylor

Well their tagline makes sense -- backwoods, backroads, backwaters. If something is not working then fix it -- but that was painful to watch! Just add "backwards" to the brand!

Gregg DeSilvio

It is often a struggle to adhere to the rules. But if you do not, you descend into the chaos typified by this year's election.

Renee Areng

Awful, just awful!


Dee…it was the CVB Director. But, yes…this situation has clearly been allowed to spiral out of control. And, sadly, we see the whole argument over “top-heavy” staffs a lot with people with an agenda. DMOs sell content…and that requires bodies. If it wasn’t so tragic, I’d chuckle at the governments that put their DMOs out of business for less, only to have to turn around (without admitting guilt) and put it back together again.

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