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November 06, 2017


Sarah O’Brien

Love! Tourism is def the first date for economic development!

Shawn Pletsch

Thx, Bill, for the shout-out for Bastrop and the Pecan Street Inn. Especially in a smaller town, capturing the property tax (in addition to HOT and sales taxes) is indeed, the culmination of economic development. And a plug for B&B's: since the owners live right in the neighborhood, there's no better way to get plugged into the local real estate market because they KNOW who just filed for divorce and whose momma just moved into the assisted living. LOL

Bill Geist

LOL...too funny! I'd never considered that extra "perk!"

Dee Ann Mckinney

Loved the story Bill--great case study!
Dee Ann McKinney
Marketing Research Director
MO Div of Tourism

Gary Pearce

A real good example of this would be to look at Lakeland, Florida and see all the Detroit Tiger fans who over the years have attended Spring Training there and loved it so much, relocated. Thank for sharing, Bill

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