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January 20, 2007


Joe Buhler

Your comment about ads reminded me of my DMO days and how often I told my colleagues who very arguing about new ad campaigns that they liked or more often didn't like, telling them that it didn't matter one iota what they thought! It's the audience that matters. Why is it so hard for marketers to understand that?

I'm a strong believer in research, or rather in knowing your customer. Having said that, often they don't know what they actually are looking for and innovation doesn't come from asking - what research audience would have said "we want and iPod!".

In our web 2.0 enabled world it is so much easier to know that customers really think. Tune in to the conversations that are taking place, encourage them where and whenever possible. Listen to what people are saying about your destination naturally, without being prompted. Maybe it's not scientific but I'm sure it will bring great insight in what might work.

Bill Geist

So true, Joe! Thanks!

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