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March 05, 2007



I read that too and can understand their frustration. Türkiye is the the original name in Turkish and the reason why it is Turkey in English in the first place. In German the country is called Türkei which is fine because the famous bird is called a Truthahn, so there's no association with anything perceived negative.

But it's been worse for them. Hear this - and it's no Turkey.....:
I remember years ago in Japan the (in)famous Turkish baths which had pretty little in common with the original version were called "Toruko", pronounced the same way as the country. The Turkish Embassy protested for years and since about ten years or so ago I understand these establishments are now called - drum roll please - Soaplands. Go figure....

Tom McMahon

The new name has a sort of Haagen-Dazs quality about it. America loves umlauts, that's fer sure there . . .

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