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March 16, 2007


John Groh

Bill: "Words that all of us in the Destination Marketing business need to take to heart."

Seems like this is one case where Destination Management would be more appropriate. From arts management to nature management and on, DMOs can't market any of it unless it's there in the first place...I think - as I know you do - DMOs have a role to play in developing or nurturing all of these aspects of our communities.

John Cooper

Scott's remarks are on the mark. Though I have not heard of him before, his philosophy and similar ones have been our credo for our branding efforts the past three years. We have whole heartedly embraced the Geo-Tourism philosophy in our community branding efforts and community development. In essence, we want to preserve and present unique experiences and opportunities for visitors who share our community values. Unspoiled, authentic, fresh, relaxing, exhilarating...that is what we want to preserve and create and that is what the culturally sensitive visitor is craving.

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