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April 28, 2007



Shatner is awesome. I think there are many people of my age (41) that really can relate.

Priceline.com surely was a cool idea. In all reality though, it is nothing more than another distribution channel. Hoteliers used it to get rid of distressed inventory. Oddly enough, sometimes the consumer would still bid above what we were willing to take - cool!

Here's is my prediction - The Reverse Auction. In other words, turn the GDS into a giant Request For Proposal system. Or, using Web 2.0 tools, consumers could "post" their itineraries and desires. Suppliers would monitor these "tags", then respond with their best offer. Early innovators could aggregate these RFP's on one site (the destination site?). With increased efficiency and other communication tools, this could easily be done in near real-time. Another example: I'm on the road, need a room, send out a text to hotels within a certain radius, get virtual offers with directions, GPS coordinates, etc.

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