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June 19, 2007


Joe Buhler

Looks like the new man in town will have his work cut out for him up in Toronto and I'd encourage him to quickly learn the what the various parts of the city are called, especially the one he lives in! The city once was called by Peter Ustinov "New York run by the Swiss" As a Swiss, having lived there, I still don't know if that was meant as a compliment or not! All I can say it's a great place and the quality of life is very high, however, often that doesn't translate into making it a great city for tourists as well.

I totally agree with his statement that Toronto unlimited is not a brand but a tag line and a logo - and at 4 million bucks to come up with it, I would personally also call it a waste of money.....

He'll face the age old DMO problem that anyone in his city will think they could do a better job marketing it than the professionals do and judge any advertising based on whether they like it or not, which is mostly irrelevant.

Good luck my man - you need it!

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