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July 28, 2007



Great story! These are the hidden gems and they exist in most destinations. In today's world, give Randy a blog as a tool and let him be your city's evangelist for you.

Chris Clarke

A wonderful reminder that true hospitality is people-powered.

Jim Epperson

Our crew too encountered Randy in the bar, and got the wisdom, and saw the pictures, and laughed, and were amazed. He referred to his work at one point as "Community Development." Which made me realize that we were both in the same business. But he's done more as a complete amateur than many of us have accomplished as so called professionals. Inspiring, humbling.

Bill Geist

I wonder if he made the same connection that you just did...that we ARE in the same business. If he did, I'd love to hear his impression of the people he met from our side. Guess I'll have to ask next time I'm there :)


We have an art gallery across the street from Randyland in an old, historic Firehouse...
We have more people coming in from out of state who stumbled across us whilst looking for Randyland than ever before.
I can first handedly attest to Randy's boundless energy and efforts. I will hopefully be working with him soon to create a website where his message can be broadcast to the world.

Bill Geist

Hey Matt,

Thanks for adding your cents! Just getting a brush of Randy and the Chicago Tribune story, we could imagine that some locals could discount his influence. Cool to hear from someone from the neighborhood that confirms the renaissance going on...and his hand in it (and, obviously, yours).

And, when we return, we'll be swinging by your gallery! For everyone else, check 'em out at http://www.moxiedada.com/


I met Randy this morning, while having breakfast at the Westin. I was doing a site-visit of the property, considering it for a meeting in December. My group had been impressed with everyone we had encountered at the Westin, save the host at the Harvest bar. Then we met Randy. His energy, positive outlook, and upbeat delivery had us captivated! We did not get a chance to go through his neighborhood, but will be making time on the next trip!

Randy  Gilson

Hi, I'm Randy, Thanks Bill and everyone for your great words.I'm glad to share my life with others, so we all can believe in are DREAMS. Small steps are as important as giant steps,as long as we walk hand and hand we all meet at the same doors of life. The keys to unlock the doors is within,PASSION."Nothing Great was ever achieved without PASSION." If anyone wants a tour just google RANDYLAND THANKS AGAIN RANDY


I met Randy today & was completely overtaken by his energy & positivity. I'm a junior in college pursuing what I had told my mom the night before to be a "hopeless dream." I told my mom that I just wanted to change my major for an easier one where I was sure to succeed. However, I had decided to give it another day or two to decide in hopes that God would provide me with someone/something to help me follow my dream.

Randy, thanks for your positive pep talk, you have no idea how impeccible your timing was. When I've finally made it through 6 years of graduate school & am using my passion for psychology to help others, I will thank you for your encouragement.

Rainy (Gilson) Howell

Hi,I am Randy,s sister And to see all of these wonderful comments everyone has made is wonderful. Randy is truly the energetic guy everyone says. growing up with Randy not only as a brother but a father figure has been a blessing. He has so much knowledge and passion about life.His house is truly a museum.I love you Randy!!!!!!!!!!

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