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July 06, 2007


Chris Clarke

Motivational speaker perhaps not Bill, but motivating nevertheless!

I'm a blogger, not the media & not the press. To me that means nurturing relationships & developing trust with both topics and people. Guess they don't teach that at journalism school.

Gimme a break.

Bill Geist

You're too kind :)

And, if they do teach those virtues in J-school...the real world knocks it out if journalists pretty quickly. They learn fast that if it doesn't bleed, it doesn't lead. Even when they have to be the ones with the knife.


I don't worry so much about accuracy in the mainstream media as I do about spin. Journalists are too often "suggesting" the conclusion for you, especially as it relates to politics. In fact, I read somewhere recently about this "Gang of 500..."

It's maddening how many "news" blogs simply regurgitate what they read in the MSM, and how many readers use blogs as their "news" source. I remember writing a diary on DailyKos a while back titled, "Can we please stop reading each other the news?" You'd be amazed at how many commenters shot back, claiming DK WAS their news site.

Every other professional group has oversight groups to at least provide the illusion of quality control. Lawyers, doctors, law enforcement. But when it comes to journalism, the reader is his own oversight, and as we know, we're a gullible bunch and can't be bothered with the facts.


Pretty much standard procedure for main steam media people aka journalists or scribes....!

They've got an idea and story line and then go out looking for someone to reinforce that. If the answers don't suit that, well then you can always twist it or spin it a bit.

Case in point an article in the NYTimes a few days ago talking about the resurgence of travel agents. Sure, the expert ones among them are thriving but I haven't seen a mad rush by young people to become a travel agent. But that was the storyline. The great comeback for travel agents. Pretty soon they'll look for stories about the demise of online travel agencies, I guess.

This from the same media that a few years ago predicted the imminent disappearance of all travel agents, against the advice of many in the industry who stuck to the argument that those with the skills of an expert will survive.


Amen! And when they aren't doing that they are interviewing other journalists as content experts. It must drive true journalists nuts.

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