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August 07, 2007


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I read Lefsetz's post as well as yours and I think that you're both right. So what? What I'm more concerned about with music these days is the blatant commercialization, not so much the lyrics or anything. I have to take into account what Lefsetz said about the phony cowboy look and I have to criticize the music a little bit where it has become just pop music with a little twang to the voice and some bear skin rugs and cowboy hats in the videos. Don't you think it's time for country music to go back to the times when it was about something more than just hurt feelings that don't go anywhere? I love the country music that is actually about something...like Colin Raye...who can't love those kinds of stories? It's a little bit more about taking out the sales approach and making the music about something. Don't you agree that that is the better music in country?

Bill Geist

Couldn't agree more. And, while it often feels that almost ALL of Rock/Pop has gone formula (with the exception of Hinder's story anthem "Animals":), there does seem to be some authenticity and joy left in Country.

Before the "bifurcation" of musical genres, it was all about the beat (Dick Clark's "was it easy to dance to?") and the story. I always opted for the story. I can get sweaty on a dance floor to almost anything...but the lyric...the story...THAT'S what moves me.

And, maybe what we're all saying is that it's the INDEPENDENT music that moves us. The stuff we find on MySpace, like Old Bull. Music that is made for the pure joy of making it...

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