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August 13, 2007



A company I worked for years ago had the street address 666. We generally referred to our office as the Devil's Workshop. When we had to change out all our stationery because of a ZIP code change, the address number was changed as well.


I can't believe there's no Highway 666 in Utah.

There should be.

Bill Geist

Hey Scott,

There used to be a 666 in both Utah and Arizona...part of the same highway system. I think it got swapped out around the same time...but New Mexico was the state that pushed the hardest for the change.

And, if memory serves, my first apartment here in Madison was 666. And I can confirm that there were some devilish shenanigans going on next door :)


Very interesting information regarding the Highway 666. I am a little disoppointed that it no longer exist. It would've been fun to drive on it on the night of Friday the 13th.

Bill Geist

Yea...but the 3 remaining Stare 666s could (and should) capitalize on that very cool idea. Beacause it's not just Halloween...there are all kinds of opportunities (like the 13th). Here's hoping they're watching this discussion!

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