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August 17, 2007



Orwell's dark vision of a dynamically modifiable history required the machinery of an authoritarian Stalinist state. Modern technology has given that power to Stalinists and other leftist activists to rewrite history in the fly at Wikipedia. Anything that can be bent to the purposes of the left is going to be bent until it is broken. These people have camped on some entries to keep them aligned with their propaganda. If they break Wikipedia they will move on to something else.


My thoughts are geared toward the anonymity and the opaqueness of the internet. We once thought that it was kind of a mask or screen that we or any user could hide behind. The WikiScanner shows that identities are not always hidden, which should only help UGC sites. Sites like Trip Advisor have been monitoring IP addresses and postings for a while. They sniff out the bogus ones and do their best to keep things accurate. Same for WikiScanner. People will now think twice before they tweak a Wiki entry in an inappropriate direction……or at least they won’t do it on company time.

Bill Geist

Thoughtful responses, both.

WikiScanner does provide some transparency...but like effective pro spammers, I'm sure the nefarious among us will find a way to mask their identity or, worse, fake an identity to shift blame. Just a matter of time.

And Max, I just this year re-read 1984 (my daughter was reading it in school and our conversations reminded me of what a fascinating read it was when I was in High School). And, like Atlas Shrugged, it sure reads differently against today's backdrop. However, when the right finds out about the internet, I have no doubt that they'll be just as zealous in their attempt to restate history :)

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