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September 25, 2007


Amber Moore

As a CVB member of Southeast Tourism Society, Thank You.
I think all regions should have a strong regional tourism society like the Southeast Tourism Society. The greater the presence, the greater the pull. It's a great concept and really benefits everyone.

Bill Geist

Amen. I was always a fan of the concept of STS...but after meeting you all first hand at the Fall Conference in Lake Charles, I'm changing that to "unabashed" fan. You've truly developed a model that other regions of the country should emulate.

Reyn Bowman

It is both/and where it works. People don't visit countries, regions or states. Those are just convenient ways to help people make decisions.

How you market depends on your brand and your objectives. Iowa has a much stronger brand than apparently the author believes.

Destination marketing isn't about how we make things convenient for ourselves. It is about the destination brand and helping travelers make decisions.

By its nature it will always be complex and therefore annoying to some.

Kare Anderson

think regional
+ define niche markets of visitors
+ then, for each niche, come up with the main reason (thus the main message) to visit
+ then forge SmartPartnerships with the organizations that can credibly collaborate to generate more value and visibility for those messages
-Kare, author, SmartPartnering

Christine Rebout

I wonder who could help UMCVB become bigger and better ? Hmmm.

Bill Geist

I'm thinking it's your new management company. :)

But, I'll certainly help wherever I can. And, I'd bet so would the leadership at STS!

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