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September 11, 2007



The last "Not Now..." is absolutely brilliant!

Can't wait to participate in the Embassy Suites contest...thx for the info Bill.

Douglas O'Bryon

Bill: Here's a few "Do Not Disturb" sign ideas I came up with for you. Best, Douglas O'Bryon

If you’re here to DISTURB me you’re too late – the airlines already did that!

Do Not Disturb – I’m having my pillows fluffed.

Are you SURE the movie titles won’t appear on my bill?

Do Not Disturb – Hillary for President is disturbing enough!

Do Not Disturb – I’m stealing bath towels.

If you’re here for “Turn Down” service you’re too late – my client already did that.

Do Not Enter – Performance in Progress

If you’re here for “Turn Down” service you’re too late – my wife already did that…

Quiet – I can’t hear the voices in my head!

Do Not Disturb – I’m Googling myself

Are you getting sleepy? You WILL be…

Do Not Disturb – I’m Watching, uh, Titanic. Yeah, that’s it – Titanic.

I paid $185 dollars at an Embassy Suite and all I got was this lousy door hanger!

How come my wife got the Queen size bed and I got the Court Jester size bed….?

Do Not Disturb – Male handbags are disturbing enough!

This is a NC-17 Rated Room – Nobody admitted who doesn’t want to become a parent.

Do Not Enter – Better Yet, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

What Part of “Go Away” Don’t You Understand?

Do Not Disturb – I’m Disturbed Already

You can’t spell “LATE” without DELTA!

Delta – It’s “Delay” without the “Tea” or explaining the “Why”

Do Not Disturb – Whoops – too late

Do Not Disturb – In fact, don’t even tick me off

Embassy Suites: Employing More American Idol Contestants Than Any Other Company!

Do Not Disrobe – er, Disturb, Do Not Disturb…Disrobing is okay though

Do Not Disturb – Unless you’re Ed McMahon

Do Not Disturb – Unless you’re Brad Pitt

I’m so hot, they’re going to have to change this from a Non-Smoking room

Sorry about the noise! My flight’s not the only thing getting bumped today!

Quiet – I’m fluffing my pillows

Shhh – The movie’s not over yet!

I paid $85 dollars at an Embassy Suite and all I got was this lousy door hanger…and a great night’s sleep!

Quiet – This bull is dozing

Quiet – I’m splitting atoms in here

Shhh – I’m nursing a beer.

Go ahead and DISTURB me – everyone else has!

They told us to go to a freakin’ hotel – so we did.

When I want the damn housekeeping I’ll CALL the damn housekeeping!

I’m BUSY! They don’t call this a Ho-Tel for nothing!

Dear Housekeeping: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Do Not Enter – Fireworks Display

Warning – Shock and Awe

Shut Up – Or I’ll put your hospitality in the hospital!

Embassy Suites – It beats a “Van down by the river” any day!

I stayed at an Embassy Suites and it didn’t cost me a mint!

Quiet! I’m watching American Idol!

Leave Me Alone! What is this a freakin’ conspiracy?

Leave Me Aloan – Preferably $50’s and $100’s….

Embassy Suites Sleeping – For when you absolutely, positively need it overnight

Quiet!! You Have the Right to Remain Violent – Just Not Tonight!

Warning – I’m mixing Coke and Mentos for a YouTube video…

NOW I KNOW why their rental car company is called HERTZ!!!

Remember what our spokesperson Tony Soprano says: Why “Wow” Your Guests When You Can “Whack” Them?

It’s not that the minibar snacks are small – it’s just that the fridge is so big!

Embassy Suites – It’s convenience, comfort, and value spelled backwards!

Embassy Suites - Still Serving Guests After 7-10 Years!

Embassy Suites: Even OJ Would Kill For One of Our Rooms!

If You Enter….We’re The Last Voice You’ll Ever Hear…

Dear Housekeeping: If you DISTURB me, I’ll put a Hola in your Heada!

Warning – This room MAY contain traces of nuts!

If my Continental Breakfast is anything like my Continental Flight….I’m going to be sitting for a long time.

Bill Geist

Hilarious! Hope you entered some of these :)

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