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October 31, 2007


Chris H.


Well said Bill! I think Jeff is mad that instead of taking his ball and going home, Apple brought a way cooler ball and everyone else is enjoying the game without him.


Here's what Fake Steve has said on this subject in his inimitable style:

Who knew? I thought it was Britney Spears. Or Eminem. Nope. Apparently it's me. See this item about some conference where Jeff Zucker of NBC says I've destroyed the music business and must be stopped before I do the same to TV and movies. See, I think "destroyed" is one of those corporatespeak words that needs to be translated. In this case I think what Jeff means is that I've taken a bad system and made it a little better, and perhaps freaked out the lazy, stupid old companies that ran this thing so shittily for all those decades before me. And no matter what Jeff might think he's doing with Hulu, he ain't gonna stop me doing the same to TV and movies. Wait and see.

To sum it up in his words: Zucker and his ilk are frigtards!

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