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January 13, 2009



Bill, I appreciate this suggestion (and the link to the WSJ.com article). Unlike my father, who's tv is permanently tuned to Fox News, national politics is not an interest of mine - but as a citizen of this country, it's probably a good idea to be informed. I'm hoping that reading this book may be my way to be brought up to date without having to subject myself to "fair and balanced reporting."


I took a class in High School called "Government" and this book was required reading....20 years ago. I don't even own a copy now. I'll see if I can get it on Kindle. I feel a growing knot in my tummy - as if I'm in for an "OH NO! It's worse than I thought" realization.

Bill Geist

I've had that knot for a while, now. :(


I've tried to read the book a few times and haven't finished yet. I ended up getting a copy for Christmas and have been more into it this time. Great article you linked to.


This is the third recommendation I've gotten this month for Atlas Shrugged. The third time is the charm - just ordered it.
BTW. Great job on these blogs - always enjoy reading them.

Bill Geist's Zeitgeist

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy the book...and hope we reconnect on the road!

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