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March 11, 2009


Chuck Bonelli

Hmmm - Imagine that, media backlash against meetings. Let me stop and think how many other things the media drives in the pursuit of headlines, doom and gloom.

Reporting the facts is important, even necessary. Creating a unique perspective on those facts to push an agenda, that is the job of marketing not the media.

Just curious, what media is doing it right these days? Shouldn't we find out and then give them our attention?

Judith Salzwedel

Ummm...,didn't Obama and all the world leaders just have a meeting...,G20 Summit? Ergo, meetings are important! Very.

Bill Geist

LOL...and, if memory serves, the Democrats had a fairly successful meeting in Denver last year.

My favorite blog post on this subject went something like this: If organizations that use federal funds to prop up their deficits are no longer allowed to meet, then Congress should go home right now!

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