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May 01, 2009


Bill Baker

Congratulations and thanks for the great contribution that you make to our industry - not to mention your daily dose of sanity, humor and cynicism. Most small busineses don't last five years. You must be doing something right!

Kate Surbaugh

Hi Bill. Congratulations on 14 years! And, a belated "thank you" for your visit to Cook County two weeks ago. Our board was really energized by the discussions and strategy session.


Congratulations! Hardly a surprise though considering how on top of everything both of you are.
Wishing you continued success for many more years - cause it's not a tourism conference without Bill or Terri.

Jim Epperson

Congrats! What an accomplishment. Can it really be almost 14 years since we had that fateful, uh, GLNA retreat up in Minnesota? Geez, that was like nailing jello to the wall . . . we were a slippery bunch of buggers, weren't we?

Bill Geist

You were only slippery because you didn't want to go where I was trying to get you to go ;) And, thanks everybody, for the kind words. And here's to 14 more!


Congratulations, Bill!


Congratulations! And thank you for continuing to share your insight. You are appreciated.

Sally Nankivell

Happy anniversary, Bill! I enjoy reading your posts: in turn insightful, inspiring, often edgy, and at times decidedly non-PC. They are refreshing, make me think, and keep me coming back for more. Yes, here's to another 14!

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