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June 29, 2009



partners if we're both smart. DMO's need aps, Google for sure now with Telenet needs content support. You probably noticed they suddenly went back to the dark ages by using zip codes for locations. Zip codes haven't been a reliable source for physical locations since oh, 1990.

Troy Thompson

Thanks for the mention Bill.

That sort of sums it up, they beat us to it.

- Troy

Maura Gast

If the only value we as DMOs bring to every table is "information provider," we can and will and should be replaced.

Relevance is in the eye of the beholder and as long as we keep telling ourselves, our funding sources and our customers that we are (only) about "information," we can and will and should be replaced. See Newspaper Industry.

Ryan George

A customer asked for my thoughts on this post, so here goes. As always, Maura has an excellent point...

I would just add that DMOs will learn to fight to their strengths. They provide SERVICES that are often subsidized by bed tax and other co-op dollars that often make them free to a meeting planner or traveler. Sure, Google's foray is "free" to the user as well, but DMOs provide humans in visitors' centers, registration, housing, signage, front line training for better visitor experiences, and real local insight, which is often better for a particular purpose than even almighty social media.

Plus, someone still has to get the user to type "Charlottesville" in to one of Google's amazing widgets and few are better positioned than DMOs to spread that word...

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