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June 24, 2009


Ferrell Beleshko

As a FileMaker developer and owner of a development, consulting and hosting firm i feel your pain. FileMaker does have a few lessons to learn around the trial model but it is a fine balance to ward off the abusers while keeping the genuine new customers happy. There are some ways around the Trial block, request a new trial with a different email address, also remove the original FileMaker Application if it had been installed. On the Mac make sure you remove the FileMaker Prefrences.

Bill Geist

Thanks for feeling my pain :)
I do realize it is a fine line for any software company with the level of piracy out there today. And, thanks for the suggested work around. Despite their "tough shit" attitude on the phone, I am pretty sure Filemaker Pro is the best solution out there.


My experience has been that if you call them, they're pretty accommodating about extending your trial...

Bill Geist

Maybe they've changed their tune in the past year. They were fairly inflexible last summer.


same problem got hit with loads of work after I downloaded the trial so couldn't test it out; uninstalling makes no difference, it's convinced I'm a pirate.

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