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July 15, 2009



I am overenjoyed to being the first worldwide to comment on above blog entry ;).

Well yes, I agree claiming to be the first is always dangerous. There is always somebody who will jump up and tell you he was two seconds earlier with exactly the same idea. And of course in the end it is always in the wording. First: this refers only to convention bureaus working in MICE, not tourist offices (which is what twisitorcenter.com mostly consists of). What is referred to is not conventiuon bureaus centres who ALSO maintain a Twitter and/or LinkedIn or whatever account but who have actually integrated it in the website. Moreover, I have not seen any convention bureau until now who actually uses a form of 'business-user-generated-content'.

Anyway great to find this site and will from now on start to follow this and twisitorcenter.

Bill Geist

You know I'm just poking fun...and I'm impressed that you found this post so quickly. You're clearing understanding the power of social media...and effectively tracking it (one of the keys to converting customers and clients).

Thanks for the follow and I look forward to future conversations.

Paul W. Swansen

So the CVB's will be facing off with tacky snow globes at 50 paces?

Bill Geist

THAT would be a duel worth seeing!

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