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September 02, 2009


John Groh

maybe it's because many DMO marketing folks are not in tune with these folks. We know our museum folks, our golf course pros, the folks from the parks departments and such... but the guys and gals that run our bars and clubs and further the actual musicians that sing and play in our clubs are not coming to our meetings or interacting with us..... probably because we have not invited them, asked them, etc.

Shelley Piraino

We are very much in contact with our venues and entertainers and have a searchable section on our site, by month, venue or entertainer. Check it out: http://www.gulfshores.com/dining-nightlife/nightlife-entertainment/

Once we realized how much nightlife we have, we had to highlight and you can find it right on the mainpage navigation!

Bill Geist

John: You make a great point. And, Shelley...why am I not surprised :)

Maura Gast

Come on, gang - we're focused on making sure we've covered the Cultural, and the Historic, and the Eco and the Random Collection because the folks civically engaged in our communities push us on those fronts. And it's a way to show that we put the same weight and priority on those civic assets that the community at large does...

John Groh

so, Maura, you are saying we focus on those things to CYA?

Maura Gast

Of course not, John, that would be crass and so declassé. We do it to POB.

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