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November 17, 2009


Bill Baker

I just love these guys. While Sparky's at it maybe he should pass a law that elected officials cannot spend any money on their re-election because "everyone already knows them!" You might also ask him why Coke spends so much money on marketing after 100 years.

Jim Epperson

I never cease to be amazed at the number of people that really don't know how the world works.

Maura Gast

Using the writer's same rationale would suggest that we really don't need daily newspapers either? Certainly as locals we can get ALL the news we need from a non-strategic random assortment of blogs, feeds and random tweets, couldn't we??

Bill Geist

Ohhhh...touche, Maura. Great seeing you at DMMI!

Douglas Arnold

I'll never forget Alton, IL. After two very successful marketing campaigns and six years of growing a diverse destination, the CVB board obtained the endorsement of area hotels to increase the local bed tax to expand our advertising and promotional activities. We presented a letter of support from the hotels to the Mayor who said he would ... Read ... Read MoreMorepersonally work with the City Council to move the tax forward for the CVB. He asked us to keep a low profile and not go public... (in hindsight, a BIG red flag). After about six months "behind the scenes", the Mayor did advance the proposal and the Council approved the tax. However, on the evening the tax passed, it was announced that the proceeds would be kept by the City for "other priorities". When our angered Board went public with the bait and switch, the local media hammered the City, but to no avail. The Mayor tried to defend against accusations of betrayal, but the local media would not give him any support. He finally used City tax dollars to run an ad in the daily paper against the CVB -- an ad filled with typos, bizarre observations and vague impressions of travel abuses (like going to the state travel workshops and annual conference) as well as inuendo about Board members. People complained about the Mayor using City funds to pay for the absurd ad, but in the end nothing changed. Tens of thousands of dollars ended up going to "other priorities." When it was all said and done, the City pressured our Board to force one of our most vocal supporters (and the local radio station GM) to resign. I began looking for a new position immediately and was gone within a year. More than 300 people showed up to celebrate my seven years with the CVB as CEO. It was one of the most bittersweet evenings of my life as I loved that job. Friends and colleagues came from as far as Chicago... but no one from Alton City Hall showed up at all. The people and hospitality businesses of Alton deserve much more than that kind of political crap. BTW, that was in 2002-2003 and MOST of those same old codgers on the City Council that were there when I arrived in 1997 are still in office today.

Brian Hayashi

I seem to remember a recent study that showed that eternal gratitude was clocked at about 15 hours.

Google research shows people quickly scan the first three or four words in a paragraph. So the key is to constantly remind elected officials of the value being delivered, using short phrases of 5-7 words with leads no more than 4 words long.

My big concern is with all of the kerfuffle about a national tourism organization, that these selfsame elected officials should decide that with so much funding behind the national organization, why spend anything on the local office? DMOs must always be on the lookout on how to strengthen their relevance to the community.

Chelsy Murphy - Colorado Springs CVB

Bill- We truly appreciate your support!!

Bill Geist

You guys run a fabulous operation. Hang in there!


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