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December 30, 2009


Tim Morrissey

Government communications deemed to involve "national security" issues are not "discoverable public communications", to paraphrase the lawyers. Sorta like that guy in the movie Lethal Weapon 2 (or was it 3) who mockingly chants "Diplomatic Immunity" to Mel Gibson.

Kathy Tank

The emperor may be "butt nekid" - but I think you are also seeing into your crystal ball - before long that is probably how we will all be required to fly. :) Let's hope they relax that "last hour with nothing in our lap" rule, so we can at least have a blanket.

Maura Gast

In discussions with my retired military and pretty-hawkish (but still lovable) father this weekend about the situation, we both agree the bigger picture issue comes down to this for us as "Americans." Our choices when flying: "Civil liberties" and privacy and TSA pat downs and no reading in flight , or full body screening butt-nekkid see-through x-ray machines. We can't have both.

I'm about to the point that I can live with the body x-ray security scan (and even the retention of those files) so long as no open records/freedom of information act request can ever tie my pics with a job application. Or a reality show. Or a class reunion... I'd rather have my "ever-expanding horizons" captured on celluloid than sit next to a guy with a bomb in his lap at any hour of the flight.

I know, I know...my card is being revoked as I type...

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