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July 04, 2010



I've seen Aron Williams and the Hoodoo. I saw them perform the Star Spangled Banner and it was one of my favorite versions i've heard. Very nice kids to, if there is justice they will make it. Nice Bill!


Which makes me think about that Hoodoo that they do so well... Enjoyed their sound! Thanks for the tip. I have a new tunes to listen to.

TJ McManus

Aaron, Shack & Z are 3 really great guys, but combined as Aaron Williams & The Hoodoo, they make amazing music. Great songs, awesome musical abilities and they make the night a LOT of fun with their high energy and simply loving being with a crowd and riding the musical waves together.

Through 2 mutual friends, I've gotten to know the guys and had the privlegde to produce a music video for them (the link is below) for Living on Love. It gives you a much better sense of how much they love playing their music.

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