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July 14, 2010


Jim Epperson

Oh My! But I did get a good laugh out of it. A REALLY good laugh.

John Groh

This must be the new thing. A town in Illinois is doing the same thing...a good sized town with a well funded chamber, edc and CVB that could pay for it if they wanted. and, I am sure there is some consulting group out there preaching this.

Linda DiMario

Bill, I looked at this RFP too and my partner and I had a good laugh about it. You've got to give them points for hutzpah and resourcefulness but their naivete and lack of understanding is most alarming and would certainly not bode well for a good process or result.I think this is generated by an eager beaver assistant city manager or city manager who wants to make their mark. They are saying to us, if you really think your brand is so hot then you won't mind putting it to the test - "skin in the game" theory. The only problem is that the brand product is the community's core essence and experience NOT mugs and bumper strips! When we figure out how to bottle and sell that, you and I can retire in the Bahamas!

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