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September 29, 2010


Janice Marshall

OMG! Continue to keep Boise in my prayers. Thank you for the update, Bill.

Jim Clark

Problems like this have been lingering in the industry for years. Look at the San Diego situation, there is often a "we can do it better" mentality among convention center managers and boards, particularly when the building is government run and the DMO is private. Resentment over salaries, benefits, etc. builds, personalities clash, and here's the outcome.
Only when communities realize that while a convention center serves a valuable purpose as a meeting and exhibit space, but is only one component of the destination do these relationships work properly. In a few communities, an authority over both DMO and building work, even then there are unhappy parties and relationships (as in Vegas, where the large hotels with exhibit space feel they "compete" with the LVCVA).
Is there a one size fits all solution? No. But Bobbie and team deserve better than this.

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