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October 11, 2010



Thanks Bill! Come back as often as you like!



Roger Barker

Ohio, and Columbus, an awesome place to Discover! We even have cool airports!

Thanks, Bill!


I've commented before, this new upgrade is by far the best electric/charging solution of the major airports I visit (LGA,EWR,ORD,MSP,BNA,DFW). It's clear somebody at CMH knows what we need.

Christine Farnsworth

Stuck in Washington Dulles, we had one pole
where people were waiting in line to charge their electronics....was so frustrating!
Port Columbus is an amazing airport. It far surpasses all of the airports I travel in!!
Check out their new high Def Video Wall, the most amazing technology that I have ever seen!

Here is a link to the wall with motion


AMAZING!! Christine Farnsworth

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