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October 13, 2010


John Groh

Interesting question. It could be just be by chance.

It could also be that tough times and tough places drive creativity and imagination. Think about the best bands from the 70s and 80s, or some of our greatest visual artists. They didn't grow up in Beverly Hills...they came from gritty industry towns...they dreamed of better lives and bright lights and found creative outlets to get the hell out of dodge, only to find themselves longing for home.

Perhaps the same is true of DMO Pros...

Bill Geist

You are too kind...but witnessing our town's descent into the morass of the great recession of the 80s may have instilled something in us.

But, on second thought...you're right. It was probably chance :)

Patrick Lynch

I was floored to read this, why you ask? I spent a few of my early years on Cobb Blvd. along the Kankakee River walking to St. Pat's for grade school. Now, Executive Director Destination Worcester . . . there's something in that river water!

Bill Geist

LOL...that makes FOUR!

Anybody else?

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