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December 18, 2010


Tim Duffy

It's amazing what you can do with a large chunk of public funds and no requirement for profitability. “Staffed by students”? Partly, but they have hired experienced staff from area hotels, promising benefits and compensation well above what their current employers can offer. Publicly-operated hotels are unfair competition and a threat to the vitality of the hotel business here.

Bill Geist

Interesting take. And, I certainly understand the competitive concerns from a private sector perspective. But, if not from institutions like Kirkwood, where will tomorrow's great customer service and hospitality management pros come from?

I think that one public sector hotel, developing tomorrow's shining stars, is a good thing for any community. And, if they can steal significant enough market share from the private sector for there to be a concern? That makes me think that the private sector isn't nearly as focused on the needs and wants of the customer as it should be.

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