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December 21, 2010


Tim Morrissey

Sorry, Bill, but that Playboy thing has been disproven many, many times, in a number of columns by Doug Moe in both the Cap Times and State Journal. It keeps coming up about the "professional and amateur" thing, but Playboy never printed such a statement.

However, the truth of the assertion, however specious its origin, remains true.

Bill Geist

Yeah...that's why I said "supposedly." I've seen Doug's columns...and, yet, at the same time, have a friend (and a once highly respected entrepreneur in this town) that was attending the University of Indiana and transferred to UW because he SWEARS he saw that article.

Maybe HE was drunk at the time :)

Badger Gal

Your Hoosier friend was right. The page from Playboy (Sept 1968) was posted online here. See footnote at bottom of the page:

Badger Gal

I guess I messed up the link? Trying it again:

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