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April 26, 2011


Janice Marshall

That is totally insane! Sounds like a battle of power and egos on the part of government.

Jack Hughes

Unfortunately, there are even worse examples out there. I just don't get it.

Gina Speckman

I didn't know about this mess. Ego and politics have ruined many a DMO.

Reyn Bowman

Depends. Having more money doesn't mean it is any less expensive to embed the brands of two distinct communities. If that is all it took, there would be no destination marketing other than the good ole USA.

Bill Geist

True...but these are two distinct brands only in the minds of the players. For those of us that know and love the destination, the City and the County are a single brand. And, when unnecessary duplicative administration eats up a limited pool of money, a destination often forfeits business that it could have lured.

Reyn Bowman

I haven't seen the research establishing that nor am I familiar with the specifics in this instance.

My only point is that DMO execs should be very wary of jumping to the conclusions either that there is an automatic economy of scale or that lumping brands together is possible. It can only work if the identies are indeed the same in reality and if consumers can and do indeed experience them as one.

Typically what drives something that appears illogical like this is much more significant than politics. If destinaztion brands aren't marketed, then the identities are indeed significant only to internal audiences...the very essence of destination marketing is to create brand awareness....

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