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February 07, 2012


Jack Hughes

This is crazy! Gloria has been in that job for at least 17 years and performed masterfully.

Knoxville's lost a valuable asset.

I guess it's true: No good deed goes unpunished; no great deeds go unpunished harshly.

Bill Geist

Jealousy kills. So sad for Knoxville. And for Gloria.

Chuck Bonelli

The reality of living and working today… draw your own conclusions on why this happened, and what it means for anyone – private or public sector, any industry, who makes a difference.

And yes Bill, I think they are proud of themselves.

Bill Geist

Sadly, my friend.

And, having served in the media for a decade, I know all too well the childish little "gotcha" streak many of my peers had. But...it seems much worse (and more trivial) today.


Further stupidity is shown by the commenter that called the Tourism and Sports Corporation a "puny little city department".

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