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April 12, 2012


Bill Geist

And this just in...GSA has decided to cancel its April Training Conference in Vegas.

Guys...it's not about VEGAS! It's not about Conferences. It's about arrogant, out-of-touch meeting planners. And, they're gone now.

Stop cancelling meetings. It only hurts the economy.

Bill Geist

My friend Meilee Anderson offered this via Facebook:

Wait a minute. Did I do my math correctly? The entire event cost $835,000 for 300 people - which shakes out at right around $2780 per person which paid for roundtrip airfare, 3 plus nights of hotel, meals, keynote speakers, a teambuilding activity and meeting room rental?

Granted, in this economic environment they would've been better off to pick a destination closer to home to cut down on the airfare expense, but is this really such a lavish event?

And those bikes were probably built and donated to a local charity who really appreciated them. I'm just guessing on the bike thing. It just doesn't seem so lavish to me.

Ahhh, Meilee...you're making too much sense.

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