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April 05, 2012


George Greven

A great example of a committee thinking too hard.

As you know, branding is not a new logo, it's a promise to your audience- one your competition can't own. A logo can't create mental real-estate ownership unless it stands for something.

I just hurt my ankle jumping off my soap box. Ouch!

Maureen Riedy

Good post, Bill and relevant to the discussion we just had regarding your logo. I know it's kind of edgy but I hadn't really focused on it and you said you've been using it for 2 years! Anyway good to see you recently at the Illinois Tourism Conference.

Bill Geist

Great to see you too...and, actually, we've been using the spike for 7 years. And, yet...many of our clients still don't recognize it when we go to apply our temporary tattoos at conferences (http://on.fb.me/HsdCrm). Just goes to show...

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