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June 18, 2012


Tom McMahon

Still bitter about the recall, eh? ;-)


Oh say it isn't so.

Bill Geist

Nah...I'm an equal opportunity sigher.

Tim Morrissey

There are many such stories. Reagan, making an impromptu stop at a Boston bar, wants to "buy a round" for the handful of patrons there; has no idea what a round of six or seven beers costs; has to borrow $20 from one of his Secret Service contingent. George H. W. Bush seeing a laser-scanner at a checkout line at a grocery store, marvelling about how strange and wonderful this is...NONE of them are "in touch" with the common person. With few exceptions, like Clinton, they come from generations of wealth.

Bill Geist

LOL...I instantly thought of the Bush/Scanner story when I saw this one. Had forgotten about Ronnie.


Have you heard the full, unedited version? Don't get me wrong, I think most politicians are out of touch, but the full version sheds light on what he was really talking about.

Bill Geist

Nice catch, WH...here's the full version and the edited clip side-by-side: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/msnbcs-andrea-mitchell-doesnt-apologize-for-taking-romney-out-of-context-plays-more-of-clip-instead/


Reads like an NBC edit of a story. Believe the real story involved Romney talking about the efficiency of the private sector and the stone-age mentality and slug-like speed of government.


You jumped on the bandwagon way too soon and bought what was being sold regarding this Romney episode.
The bigger message here: If a smart guy like you can fall for this, how in the world are those not as brilliant or inquisitive supposed as you to know what's accurate or not? Sometimes the leaders (and those controlling the message)are scary, but most often it's the followers that don't question stuff that should scare us more.

Bill Geist

I should scare the shit out of everybody :)

Thanks for calling me a smart guy...but, this example wasn't. I was swamped, needed a quick blog post...and bit on the story that was written BASED on the MSNBC deception.

Sadly...that's how much of this stuff goes. We're all moving so fast that fact checking is impossible and urban legends are created.

For my bandwagon jump, j'excuse. My comment above with the link to the side by side comparison is worth a view.

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