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June 11, 2012


Tim Morrissey

Great analysis, Bill. I agree on EVERY point.

Tom McMahon

Dare I say...Parties are over? << One of them is!

Bill Geist

Yes...and no, my friend. Yes if it's business as usual. However, if the party begins to embrace the values of the common person (and not the elite and union person), the Republican grasp on Joe and Jill Public will fray.

The Republicans have won Joe and Jill by default. Will the Democrats realize this...and as Dave Cieslewicz said, "stop whining about it and complaining about how stupid our customers are? (http://www.thedailypage.com/daily/article.php?article=36994)"

If they reconnect with Joe and Jill, the Party might survive.

Not that I want either to actually do that.

Larry White

God, I miss interacting with you...it's one of the downsides of retirement.

In France and Italy for 6 weeks last fall, with this beautiful Frence lady (Nice), it was informative to absorb the differences and similarities of folks who look westward at us. Twenty somethings who protested when Sarkozy raised the retirement age FROM 60 to 62!!!, but who are unemployed in an economy that really is not very efficient. When Hollande was elected, Michelle and all her Medeterranien (sp) friends cried, but Msr. Hollande will put the retirement age back "where it fairly should be"

A Chicago grandfather I never met was the leader of the Intnl. carpenters Union for some years...had he lived till I could talk to him, we would have some interesting conversation, for my take on unions would give him great pause.

The madness of unions controlling the policies of cities and states equals that of the tea partiers and their absolute "no tax increases of any kind at any time". George W starting a useless war and then telling us to go shopping made me think of my family victory garden and rationing stamps in the era of the last war that made any sort of sense.

I've lived long enough to watch our nation run insanity on credit cards, and now we have no will to ease that debt, no will to stop it or pay it down in this Hatfield and McCoy's atmosphere. And so, I'm NPA and as independent as that lets me be.

We'll be in Chicago in the fall. I think the Milwaukee Road still connects the two cities. People ask me if I miss the business; no, but I miss the people.

Bill Geist

Miss you too, my friend. We may be your way this fall, as well. Let's be sure to reconnect and solve all these problems. :) Shouldn't take more than a few drinks. Oh wait...then we won't care LOL.

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