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July 25, 2012


Jack Hughes

That's what I hate about politics today,and until recently have held politics is a honorable profession.

It used to be: "What's in it for my constituents (and how can it benefit my career)? Now it's what's in it for me?

Louis L

I think that Tourism in Wisconsinn was dealt a severe blow by the politicians and the unions who tried to bludgeon everyone into bending to their power. Many people who believe in free elections without intimidation will avoid visiting Wiosconsin.

Bill Geist

To those that are paying attention and mindfully direct their discretionary dollars to products (and destinations) that share their world view...I agree with Louis.

The reality is, however, most consumers don't care...and will buy (and travel) indiscriminately.

I get where you're going...but I'm not sure it will have a meaningful impact on tourism spending in Wisconsin (or any other destination that challenges political philosophies).

Tom McMahon

STILL a bit bitter about that crushing defeat in the recall, eh? ;-) (Sorry, I just can't help myself...)

Bill Geist

Bitter? Me? How does this post paint me as such? You clearly have me confused with someone else.


What a disappointing attitude from Senator Cullen! I notice the good Senator has a Facebook page. I'd like to share with him just how hard the people in the tourism industry work. He needs to understand the economic engine that is tourism. The only problem is you have "like" him to write on his wall. Ug.

Here's his contact information: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/w3asp/contact/legislatorpages.aspx?house=Senate&district=15

I hope the people in the industry that are registered to vote in WI share their feelings with the senator.

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