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September 19, 2012


Randy Prasse

Hey, I saw that sign in Minot, ND! Haha. Where is the "Point and Aim" sign?


Spend $3.00 on a sign or $11,000 fixing the elevator? Management's decision on that issue doesn't bode well for the rest of the property.

Bill GeisBill GeistBillt

I hadn't planned on identifying the property...but since Randy sorta did, I do have to defend them a bit. That hotel looks significantly better than it did a few years ago. Ownership has sunk some serious coin into the property and, they may just be waiting to make this investment. Or maybe the elevator is back ordered. Who knows...I just thought it was funny.


I can understand how some renovations and repairs take time. Gotta give the P&L statement a chance to catch up after a big outlay.

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