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December 10, 2012



Nice, courteous suggestion .......but shouldn't the airlines make seats that either recline acceptably or don't recline at all. The airlines who cram rows so close together are the real culprits......They should know better!

Bill Geist

Totally agree with you, my man. But, with the exception of Virgin, does anyone really think the rest of the airline industry cares what they've done to us? Part of the lack of civility on today's airlines is directly their responsibility. They DO know better.

But part of this is the increasingly selfish, entitlement culture that we've allowed to blossom.

While I wait for the airlines to get a clue...it's Air Law One ;)

Harvey Briggs

I saw this and thought of your posts...


Bill Geist

Sadly, the first reader comment is all too common in this "me-first" world. Chris posted a bit more forcefully on this issue earlier this year and was unmercifully flamed. I think I'm gonna get me one of these: http://www.gadgetduck.com.

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