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March 13, 2013


Tim Morrissey



The misery loves company campaign is an embarrassment. Whose pocket are you in?

Maura Gast

Go, Groh, Go! Well Played!

Bill Geist

Hey, Lifer? That your e-mail address is @ rockford.com, my guess is that you are too close to the trees. This isn't meant for you. You can stay as miserable as you want. This is for those of us outside the region who might actually believe Forbes' assessment of you. And, for us, this reaffirms that Forbes has its head up its butt on this one.


Good try Geist .... The powers that be in said city is the entity with its head up ... "It's butt" and its obvious to anyone that has lived here.

Greg L

Have lived in Madison for the last 10 years, lived in Rockford for the 40 years before that....sorry no comparison...

Bill Geist

Didn't say there was a comparison. Just said that Rockford is far from miserable.

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