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May 01, 2013


Tom Martin

Ha -- didn't realize we both started companies on May 1 -- you're 15 years ahead of me... but I'm closing in as fast as I can!

Congrats brotha... hope to see 18 more from you.

Bill Geist

Thanks, Tom...and can't wait for your book to hit the shelves (http://goo.gl/EMzU6). Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

Now hurry up...let's hit 21 together so we can ditch these fake IDs.

Jack Hughes

I remember some of the first newsletters you sent out...they were on papyrus I think.


Bill Geist

Great memory, my friend! Papyrus, indeed for issues 2 through 4. First was on a stone tablet. Took two years to get that one out ;)

Mike Stershic

Congratulations on coming of age! Here's to many more....

Larry White

Congratulations to one of the hardest working (and right-on guy)tourism professionals I've had the pleasure to know in 30 years of the business.
When you are near the FL W. coast, specifically Sarasota, stop to share a drink or whatever. And bring that woman in the picture with you.
As we said in the 70/80's, keep on truckin'


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