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June 12, 2013


Tim Morrissey

Hmmmmmm....what happened when the accountants and financiers took over broadcasting?????


Good question Tim. There's efficient and then there's a level of quality that can get tossed aside. Hello satellite radio!

Remember when self serve gas stations got rolling? When the price goes high enough, the marketplace (dragging along reluctant consumers) will adapt. Who knew it would lead to examples like hotel room service. I think with the suggestion like the "order it yourself" ability of a concierge app (or have the concierge order it for you...for a fee for those who don't do anything for themselves) we can kiss room service as we know it goodbye.

Makes me wonder if B&B’s level of service will attract more business to B&B’s. Especially for those who don’t have a phone to use an app.

Which leads me to another thought: If the shift goes away from providing service, will there be a niche for those places who can provide that level of service? There are always opportunities in any market once the bandwagon gets too full.

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