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December 09, 2013


Jeffrey L Mills

Inferior desecraters at work.

Tim Morrissey

A little over a year ago my bride and I attended the wedding of my niece, a fiercely proud Michigan State grad. She had the reception at a facility on campus (staffed and run by students of the "famed" Michigan State School of Hospitality. We stayed at the "hotel", which is also part of the Hospitality School where they train probably half the future hotel executives in America. (It's a glorified dorm, BTW - built like a standard college dorm with a few mods.) The room we were in had the same problem as you described here. Since the students almost certainly live in dorms or in off-campus housing, the likelihood is they've never actually spent a night as a guest of the School's "hotel".

A one-night stay should be mandatory. They'd quickly discover issues like the one you pointed out, and would likely save future generations of hotel-goers the misery of having to stand in the cold-water blast just to turn the damn shower on.

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