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March 26, 2014


Jeffrey Mills

So very true! quit trying to satisfy the county/area/district and give the customer what they are seeking. Top Tens, Unique Fun Stops, etc. Create travel opportunities instead of printing a membership guide.

Bill Geist

True dat. Visitors Guides that offer no more than listings SHOULD go the way of the typewriter. But, a Visitors Guide that looks and feels like a lifestyle publication? There will always be a market...if you have a product worth sharing.

Bill Baker

There's also research released in recent days validating the role of vistor guides.

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend!

Larry White

Adage; you cannot cran "feeling" into that effing little phone.

Stephen Koranda

I had this bizarre idea of partnering with the local University for a dual cover guide with a third of the guide the University piece and two-thirds the destination piece. As they promoted the U, they also promoted the city (and the DMO's website.) Increased production by 25k and revenues!

Bill Geist

"Bizarre," indeed. And yet...

Julie Wearn

We just ordered another print run of 10,000 visitor guides as we have had huge demand at Women and Kid Expo's. They are very popular for maps, coupons, restaurants and area attraction information.

Nelson Gumm

The State of Texas prints 900,000 State Travel Guides and in 2013 had to print an extra 300,000 due to demand...and that is with digital taking more of their marketing budget. And I agree with Bill's post that consumers want more editorial and not listings. Texas is changing their editorial and design in stages to address that need.

Bill Geist

Gotta love it. Done correctly, print is far from dead.

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