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May 21, 2014


Tim Morrissey

Bill, don't you think this really has more to do with how NBC gets paid? I'll bet they're keenly aware of how many downloads the show gets....but I'm also pretty sure they cannot charge their advertisers anything for the exposure from the downloads. Anyone with the ability (tech and ability-wise) to download the show knows how to FF through the ads. Except, of course, the ones they force you to sit through before you can actually access show content.

Bill Geist

Not charge advertisers for future download value (even with fast forward...which I already do because I DVR most of my faves, rather than watch live) seems like they haven't gotten a handle on future value. Or, ad agencies won't let them get a handle. In the end, the linked article had it right. People who watch "Nashville" buy more stuff than people who watched "Revolution."

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