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July 24, 2014



This is a wonderful description of a fun opening session. What a great way to be reminded of how important relationships are. Thank you for sharing the full story.

Bill Geist

So great to see you there, And, yes…what a great back/side story. Makes the experience so much more treasured!

Tim Morrissey

A great story, artfully told! This is why your blog is a must-read. Relationships.

Bill Geist

Thanks, my friend. I normally don't go long. But, when I do… ;)


thanks for being my improv partner on stage in front of a thousand of your friends. great wing man. great blog. great reminder on the importance of relationships and being connected.

....and props to your daughter for 800+ FB friends! #rockon

onward and upward

Bill Geist

Thanks, Erik. Can't wait to read the book (ordered it last night upon my return from Vegas). Keep rocking!


It was an epic event...I was talking about the general session not the cabana time, but that was fun too! Thanks my friend.

Beth Hecquet

It was great to watch and now even better that I know the back story.

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